Jennifer Ruggiero

Pilates and Body Image

How does Pilates effect ones Body Image? When I began Pilates I was extremely critical of my body and my weight.  As a dancer the goal was to keep my “dancer body” and that look no matter what it took.  Trying to maintain that “image” has had a long standing emotional effect on me.  Fast

What are the differences between Pilates & Yoga?

What are the differences between Pilates & Yoga?  Why would you choose one over the other?   Why would you practice both?  Can you practice both safely as you age?  What if you have a neurological disorder or musculoskeletal condition?  Listen to Jennifer Ruggiero’s interview given by Joe Tatta on Blog Talk Radio to find out the

My Journey with Pilates

I first discovered Pilates in 1994 while I was attending SUNY Purchase as a dance major.  I attended Purchase from 1994-1998 and while I was there we had a Pilates Studio downstairs in the dance building. Pilates was introduced to me as a freshman, in 1994 during my Anatomy class.  As a dance major, the

Pilates and the Spirit

Hello.  Here it is.  My first blog submission.  When thinking about the Pilates Method of Body Conditioning, one thing that I see everywhere (including my own logo) is a mind, body and spirit form of exercise.  I’ve been wanting to write about the spirit part for a long time.  I feel that for the most

Mat vs Tower Classes

Mat vs Tower Class | Is One Better than the Other? Often students ask the question “What is better, mat or tower?”.  Another question is “Which is harder, mat or tower?”.   They are different.  One is not better than the other. As history states, Joseph Pilates first created the mat series.  Recognizing that the

Finding the Right Teacher

We’ve all been there including myself.  A teacher you’ve been working out with for what seems like forever is leaving the studio or gym you train at.  You go into a panic thinking to yourself, “oh my, what am I going to do now?  No one will ever know my body like this person did.”