Virtual Pilates

Virtual Pilates lessons help you maintain your Pilates practice from anywhere in the world!  They are a great way to stay active, fit, connected to community, and a boost to your immune system all from the comfort of your home or anywhere you can find an internet connection!   Before your class you will receive an email invitation inviting you to stream the class from FitGrid using the platform Zoom.  Interested?  Email to set up a free 10 minute orientation.

All Virtual Appointments are 45 minutes

Virtual Pilates Private Sessions $95
Virtual Duet Session $65
Virtual Group Class $25
*sales tax not included.

To schedule log into your Mind Body Online app or Click Here.

All you need is a place where you can do your mat work!  A mat, a towel, your carpet, all of those work just fine.  If you have a band or strap, any weights or soup cans, that is great.  Magic Circles, balls etc can be used if everyone in the group has them.

Open Level Mat Class – This class is open to ALL levels.  Modifications will be given to those who need them.

Level 2 Mat Class – This is an intermediate/advanced mat class.  You must have approval to join this class.  Email if you need approval.

Magic Circle Mat Class –You must have a magic circle to take this class!  This class will incorporate the magic circle into the Pilates Mat exercises.  You’ll notice in some exercises it makes an exercise easier and in other it challenges you more within the exercise.  If you do not have a magic circle, see below for a link to purchase one.

Strength Training -If you miss the gym or need an opportunity to cross train, this class is for you!  Build strength using just your body weight to work legs, arms, back, chest, and abs. Be prepared to get your heart pumping and break a sweat! Challenge yourself with a mix of both high and low impact moves. Modifications are provided to accommodate levels. Sneakers are highly recommended.

Foam Roller + Pilates Mat – You must have a foam roller at home to take this class! This class will take you through stability exercises, gentle stretching and soft tissue massage all using the foam roller.

Gentle Yoga/Stretch  –This class will lead you through a series of standing, kneeling, sitting, supine (on your back) and prone (on your stomach) gentle movement.  Some of it will be gentle yoga asana, some of it generic gentle stretches.  A stretch band or something to stretch with is needed for this class.  2 blocks and a mat are highly recommended.

Items we recommend to support a home practice (or find something similar):

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