Pilates for Balance

All Levels with Taylor



Back by popular demand, this Balance Workshop is open to all levels, even if you haven’t taken the previous balance workshops. This hour will focus on stability training standing, seated, and laying down to improve symmetry throughout each individual’s posture and balance. The workshop is structured more like a typical Pilates workout with an emphasis on alignment, proprioception, and confidence.

Foam Roller Workshop

with Taylor

This one-hour Pilates workshop offers creative ways to incorporate the foam roller into your workout. The roller is a great tool for stretching, lengthening, and centering your body. After a full workout with the roller we will explore self myofascial release techniques to help everyday aches and pains. Open to all levels!

Back to Basics



This hour-long workshop will go back to the basics of Pilates, covering the fundamentals such as alignment, commonly used positions, terminology, how to set up and modify equipment for classes, as well as stability versus mobility. Great for not only those new to Pilates but also Mature Body students and anyone. By solidifying the simple stuff you will make real progress in your Pilates practice. This workshop will move through a full basic yet challenging mat/tower class with extra focus and attention to the basics.