Mora-Amina Parker was an avid child athlete; she played basketball, softball, volleyball, and excelled at track and field. As a young competitor, she developed a deep appreciation for physical conditioning. As a teenager she discovered dance and performing, resulting in a career as a modern/contemporary dancer. As a professional dancer, she was in search of an alternative movement practice to aid in maintaining safety while performing and touring. She was introduced to Romana’s Pilates in Philadelphia with Brie Adina Neff and immediately fell in love with the method. A committed Pilates client for six years she received her certification from Romana’s Pilates in 2009. She has had the pleasure of teaching at The Pilates Movement since September 2010. Mora-Amina continues to practice Pilates and dance. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Dance and finds unlimited joy in sharing the transformative aspects of Pilates with her clients.  Currently, Mora-Amina is only teaching on our virtual platform.