Stephanie Giuliani was born and raised in Duluth Minnesota where she attended the Minnesota Ballet school for twelve years experiencing the rigor and athleticism of ballet technique. In the continuation of her passion to dance, she is now pursuing her bachelor of science degree at Drexel University in Dance with a focus on physical therapy. Throughout her time at Drexel she had immersed herself in the Drexel Pilates Program under the leadership of Jennifer Morley who had achieved certifications from Romana Kryzanowska (Romana’s Pilates) and Karen Carlson (Pineland Pilates). Here Stephanie was able to deepen the connections between artistic movement and the biophysics of the human body. Stephanie completed Drexel Pilates’ 450-hour training program that covered mat, barrel, tower, chair and reformer. Now hoping to deepen her connection with the Pilates practice, Stephanie is excited and eager to share and explore at the Pilates Movement community beginning in Fall 2018.