Sessions & Classes

All sessions and classes are by appointment only.

Pilates exercises are broken down into beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. In the beginner level Pilates is taught slowly, with the main focus on proper form and alignment.  At the intermediate level exercises are added as a students’ strength and proper alignment increases.  At the advanced level the main focus is on fluid movement with precision, breath, and control. A beginner Pilates class will challenge those who have had previous Pilates experience.  


Private Session

This session is 50-55 minutes and consists of one student and one instructor utilizing the Pilates equipment.  It is highly recommended if you have never taken Pilates before, are injured, or you have not exercised in a long time. A private session will provide the opportunity to have the instructor personalize the workout for you. It will also allow you the time to ask the instructor any questions you may have and allows you to learn the language of Pilates in the most effective manner.

Duet Session

This session is 50-55 minutes and consists of two students and one instructor utilizing the Pilates equipment. It is recommended that students interested in duets take private sessions first. A duet will prepare you for the possibility of working out independently in the future. The result of duet sessions produces an understanding of learning the order and spring settings. It is recommended that you supply your own partner, however, we will be able to match you with someone at your level.


Group Mat Class

It is a 45-minute Pilates class that is limited to 4 students. These classes focus on the mat system. The class may include some Pilates props, such as Magic Circles, Bands, Balls, and Rollers. Please consult your instructor when interested in changing class levels. It is important that you attend the appropriate level for your ability. Everybody’s process is different.

Group Tower Class

It is a 45-minute class that is limited to 4 students. The focus is on using the Studio Wall Unit, or Tower Unit. The tower unit has all the capabilities of the traditional Cadillac equipment. Joseph Pilates created the equipment to help you strengthen your body, allowing you to achieve greater flexibility and control. A private session is recommended before entering this class but not required. Please consult your instructor when interested in changing class levels.

Group Mat and Tower Class Levels


This Pilates class is for those who are new to Pilates or have less than 3 months experience. A beginner system is taught in this class, as well as some Pre-Pilates exercises and fundamentals. Modifications are given to those who need them. It is important to build a solid foundation in the beginning. Staying at this level for a while is highly recommended. Learning to move from your center, focusing on body alignment, and control are the main focuses in beginner classes.


This class is an open level class.  All levels are welcome.

Level I

After mastering the Basic level class, the Level I class will be the next step. Previous Pilates experience is a must. Beginning intermediate exercises will be taught at this level. While continuing to focus on body alignment, control, and precision, you will perfect the beginner exercises while learning intermediate exercises.

Level II

This is an intermediate Pilates class. This class will focus more on flow, breath, and moving through each exercise without stopping.  A solid understanding of the beginner/intermediate exercises is expected at this level. If you are dealing with an injury, please consult the instructor. You may need to modify a lot of these exercises, therefore making this class, not the appropriate level for you.

Level II & III

This is an intermediate/advanced class. Injury free only. Permission by the instructor only. The focus of this class is flow, breath and movement through each exercise without stopping.  This class will introduce Level III exercises with more attention to detail.  A solid understanding of the intermediate exercises is expected at this level.

Level III

This is recommended only for students who have a lot of previous experience and are injury free. This class progresses through an intermediate/advanced series. Be prepared to sweat! The focus is on all 6 principles at the same time: centering, control, concentration, breath, flow, and precision. Advanced exercises will be introduced and perfected at this level. 

Level IV

This is for clients who have have practiced Pilates for years and/or have been approved for super-advanced Pilates work. Working with different tempos, flowing movement, more repetition and advanced mat exercises.  This class will focus on more over head work and upper body work.  If you have an injury, this is NOT the class for you.


Pilates for the Mature Body

This class is geared for students aged 55 and older with special emphasis on how basic mat and tower exercises work on a mature body.  Pilates will be made safe for those who may have certain conditions that occur with age with modifications given as necessary.  Standing balancing exercise will be highlighted. Students will learn how to safely enter a group class situation. 


This is a stretch class!!!Stretching is a crucial part of any exercise routine that improves flexibility, skeletal alignment and reduces stress. This class will incorporate the best of Pilates and yoga (possibly using props) to stretch parts of your body you never knew existed. You will leave feeling relieved of muscular tension and daily stress.

Combo Class Foam Roller/Pilates Mat

The most challenging thing that we do in Pilates is learning to “let go” mainly of movement patterns that have sub consciously become habits over the years.  Due to these improper movement patterns, certain muscles, as well as the fascia that surrounds them, become tight and begin to pull on the skeletal structure, leaving us with dis-ease. In this class, we will begin with a series of “stretches” performed on the roller that will massage length into the fascial tissue and the musculature that it surrounds.  This work on the foam roller will bring increased range of freedom to the skeletal structure allowing the possibility for new movement patterns to be practiced.  The roller work will be followed by practicing basic Pilates principles which will help set a solid foundation for the beginning of a safe and healthy Pilates journey!

Pilates with Props

The class will use multiple fun props the instructor decides to use. Students may play with the ball, use the magic circle, foam roller and/or weights. The props will take the exercises you already know and give them a little twist. Some exercises are more challenging while others are made easier with the prop. Come and have some fun and play! This is an open level combo mat/tower class.

Pilates & Poses

Pilates and Poses is an open level class that combines Pilates Mat and Yoga Poses.  This class will help build a foundation for body, mind, and breath connection by increasing strength, balance, and flexibility.   Core-building principals of Pilates movement will be explored and complimented by still yoga poses, to create a fluid and empowering class with emphasis on relaxing and concentrating the mind. 

Restorative Pilates Mat

The class will be broken down into two sections. One section being Pilates Mat work, the second section being stretching, breathing exercises, and release movements to help restore your body. This class may use some props to assist in releasing tight muscles and toxins from your body. This class is not a traditional Pilates Mat class. This is an open level class.

Reformer Mat

This is a mat class that will take exercises traditionally done on the reformer and move them onto the mat. Without the support of the machine, you will be challenged in ways you never have felt like before. This class is a great option for people looking for something different. Be prepared to sweat!


Basic Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is a branch of yoga that originated over one thousand years ago.  It is a refined, powerful and transformative practice that calls on the body, breath and mind to work as one.  In this class you will be lead through a balanced practice of yoga postures (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama) and mindfulness techniques (samyama) to improve not only the physiological systems of the body, but also steadiness of mind and a more intimate connection to yourself. 

Dharma Lila for Pilates (Yoga for Pilates)

Dharma:   Dharma is to cultivate the knowledge and practice of laws and principles that hold together the fabric of reality, natural phenomena and personality of human beings in dynamic interdependence and harmony.

Lila:     Means “play,” “sport,” “spontaneity,” or “drama,” in Sanskrit the ancient language of yoga.

Yoga: to yoke or to concentrate


Dharma Lila Yoga for Pilates as taught by Leah Chevalier brings yogic wisdom of body and mind to the Pilates practice. This practice is focused for the development of the Pilates mover and Dance mover.  We will balance the work of holding the core, deep flexion with dynamic movement with yoga’s gift of back bending with integration, restorative work and breathe to allow the practice to transform body and mind, allowing freedom of balance in strength and flexibility. 

A deeper understanding of the anatomy and movement are core elements of all Dharma Lila classes. We will take the time to understand and learn to enjoy the edges’ of our physical and mental capabilities

Movement is a sacred form of healing throughout human history, in our busy world it is easy to forget this wisdom of the body as a means to unshackle the mind. Dharma Lila is that remembering. Inherent in exploration is play and humor as key components to change. Lila becomes the catalyst to explore the body and mind. The practice of yoga and Pilates evolves to include movement and mental training as a vibrant celebration of the entire human experience



Cancellation Policy

There is a 24-hour cancellation policy on all scheduled appointments and group classes. If you fail to cancel within this period, you will be charged the full amount. Please understand that we must enforce this policy strictly. Our instructors are compensated on a per-client basis and have made a time commitment to our studio. We thank you for respecting this policy. There are no exceptions.

Instructors may change without notice

Package Expiration

All sessions and group classes are offered in a package of 5 or 10 at a discount. All packages of 5 expire within 2 months and packages of 10 expire within four months from the date of purchase. Cards are transferable for use at the Pilates Movement’s NYC Pilates studio only, but are non-refundable.